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Andrew P. Norman, Ph.D.

Andy Norman finds perplexing questions endlessly entertaining. Good conversations cause him to lose all track of time. In his twenties, he became obsessed with collaborative reasoning, and began studying its ins and outs. He worked out some interesting theoretical results, and promptly dedicated his life to the cause of reasoned dialogue. His discoveries haven't yet transformed Western civilization, but his work does afford him a stable sense of mattering. He strives to be fair-minded, and every once in a while, achieves a small measure of it. 

In 2014, Andy won the Selma V. Forkosch Award for outstanding contribution to the freethought literature. His essays appear frequently in Free Inquiry and The Humanist magazines. He's done research on the evolution of human reasoning aptitudes, the nature of wisdom, and the architecture of knowledge systems. His work has appeared in many refereed journals, including Biology and Philosophy, The Philosophical Quarterly, and History and Theory. He consistently ranks among the most popular authors on Academia.edu.

Andy earned his PhD at Northwestern University. He lives in Pittsburgh with his wife of 25 years and a dog that doesn't share his passion for frisbees.