About Unhinged

“A fascinating, lively, and deeply thought-provoking read. First rate!
— Lee McIntyre, author of Dark Ages

Why are ideologies poisoning public discourse? Why is extremism on the rise? How did we get here, and what can we do about it?

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It turns out that some influential assumptions are suppressing our culture’s “immune response” to dangerous ideas. These assumptions prevent us from normalizing critical thinking, and leave us vulnerable to ideological pathogens.

Fortunately, there’s a cure. In this lively and uplifting book, A. P. Norman isolates an idea with a long history of inoculating people against the worst forms of ideological infection. He shows how we can fashion it into a mind vaccine, and use it to boost mental immune response in homo ideologicus, the ideological animal.

Unhinged features:

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  • The astonishing tale of the idea that built a civilization.

  • Why ideologies ravage some minds, but not others.

  • A breakthrough on a century-old cold case involving an infamous kidnapping.

  • A secret playbook for defenders of dodgy beliefs.

  • The epic contest of ideas that cost 140 million lives.

  • How ideological thinking is rooted in our need to matter.

  • How the rationalist project lost its way.

  • Six commonly accepted ideas that suppress mental immune response.

  • The parable that unearthed a lost world of moral responsibility.

  • The mind-vaccine that could save humanity.

  • And much more...